passage door levers for aging in place

The Best Berlin Modisch Passage Door Levers for Aging in Place

If you’re an avid reader of this site, you probably know that I greatly prefer handles and levers to knobs and handlesets. This is because any entry hardware that requires you to squeeze or depress something causes pain for those with arthritis. That’s why I really like levers for passage doors around the house, and … Read more

shower head/handheld combo

Best Delta Shower Head/Handheld Combos for the Aging-in-Place Home

Picking out ADA compliant shower head/handheld combos is important when upgrading the aging-in-place home. There are many different factors that play into picking the perfect shower system. One aspect to consider is weight. If your loved one struggles with arthritis or has trouble lifting heavy objects, the shower head has to be light enough for … Read more

chrome cabinet handles

Best Chrome Cabinet Handles for the Aging-in-Place Home

If you are looking to upgrade the aging-in-place home, consider swapping out the pre-existing cabinet handles and drawer pulls for chrome handles. Chrome handles are stylish and sleek and can immediately make any room look more modern. They are also easier to grab and pull open compared to a small knob. If your loved one … Read more

chrome door lever

The Best Chrome Door Levers for Aging-in-Place

If you are upgrading your loved one’s home to make it more aging-in-place friendly, switching out doorknobs for door levers is a great place to start. It can be hard for those with arthritis in their hands to grasp onto doorknobs and turn them without resulting in pain. Door levers are much easier to turn … Read more

smart speaker

The Best Smart Speakers for Aging-in-Place

Smart speakers are a great addition to the Aging-in-Place home. While some may try and stay away from newer technology, these speakers are easy to use and worth the money. Not only do smart speakers play music from multiple streaming services, they can also play audiobooks and podcasts. Many smart speakers come with Alexa or … Read more

smart locks

The Best Smart Locks for Aging-in-Place

If your loved one is struggling with the hassle of using small keys, perhaps because of arthritis or pain in the hands, smart locks are a great solution. Most smart locks can be controlled from a phone or use a keypad instead of a key to unlock, making it easier to lock and unlock. You … Read more

shower hose extender

The Best Shower Hose Extenders for Aging-in-Place

Shower Hose Extenders are an aging-in-place upgrade that serves a few beneficial purposes for your loved ones. They make cleaning showers or bathtubs extremely simple by allowing you to reach all corners of the area without reaching too far or risking slipping inside of the shower. Shower hose extenders also make it easier to wash … Read more

shower head extension

The Best Shower Head Extensions for Aging-in-Place

In the aging-in-place home, it’s important for your loved one to have a shower head that is versatile to perfectly fit their shower head style, and also adjust to the ideal height and angle. Making sure the shower head extension is easy to adjust and high quality to ensure no leaking or breaks is also … Read more

bathroom swing arm mirror

The Best Swing Arm Bathroom Mirrors for Aging-in-Place

As your loved ones get older and their eyes start changing, it may be harder to see in the mirror when getting ready if it’s against the wall and unaccessible. Swing arm mirrors are a reliable solution for this problem. They are easy to move in and out and adjust to the perfect spot. Not … Read more

brightest light bulbs

The Brightest Light Bulbs for Aging-in-Place

As we begin aging, our eyes start to change over time. These changes result in a need for improved lighting in the aging-in-place home, including brighter and high quality bulbs. Here are some great lighting products to consider for your next aging-in-place renovation project! To learn more lighting tips for your aging-in-place project, check out … Read more

temperature of faucets

How to Adjust the Temperature of Aging-in-Place Faucets

9 Easy-to-Adjust Delta Faucets for Your Aging-in-Place Bathroom and Kitchen Serious, life-threatening burns from scalding tap water are up there among some of the most common household injuries. Most people solve this problem by turning down the temperature on their hot water heater. The trouble with that solution, though, is that some appliances – like … Read more

black bathroom faucets

10 Black Bathroom Faucets for the Aging-in-Place Home

The stigma that ‘aging-in-place’ and ‘design’ can’t co-exist under one roof is the farthest thing from the truth. Gone are the days when older adults have to give up on the way their home looks in order to make it a safer place to live. That’s a big part of why I love what I … Read more

drawer opening hardware

5 Clever Drawer Opening Hardware Products for Aging in Place

Innovations to Make Aging-in-Place with Arthritis Easier and Less Painful Arthritis doesn’t give old, sore hands a moment’s rest. Every movement you make is a reminder of how even small tasks like opening up a drawer can make living at home as you age so much harder. Smart aging-in-place design doesn’t just protect older adults … Read more

vinyl floor

The Best Vinyl Plank Flooring for the Aging-in-Place Laundry Room

Few aging-in-place upgrades are as important as flooring. If your parent decides to age in place, installing slip-resistant floors throughout their home is non-negotiable. That’s because, unfortunately, slips and falls are an all-too-common cause of injury among older adults simply trying to make their way around the house. Most of the DIYers I talk with … Read more

black handles

The Best Black Cabinet Pulls for Aging in Place

It’s true that good aging-in-place design gives older adults the freedom to live at home safely and independently. But that doesn’t mean safety gets to kick style to the curb. How your parent feels about their home has a big impact on their mental wellbeing – just as big of an impact as aging-in-place upgrades … Read more


Decluttering Aging-in-Place Home Entryways

You may not think much about running out of the house when you’re late for an appointment or walking in with an arm full of groceries. But, when you’re older, walking out the door and coming back inside start to become a challenge. Sore joints, mobility issues, and difficulty maintaining balance start to interfere with … Read more


Decluttering the Aging-in-Place Bathroom

Safety is the big concern with every aging-in-place bathroom renovation. What many aging-in-place DIYers don’t realize, however, is that once the renovation is complete, the work to keep the bathroom safe is far from over – and the battle against bathroom clutter begins. Bathroom Clutter Creates Major Safety Issues for Older Adults Cluttered bathrooms and … Read more

kitchen organization

Decluttering the Aging-in-Place Kitchen

Take a walk around your parent’s kitchen. Peek inside a few cabinets, look under the sink, and notice what’s on the countertop. Are you bombarded by clutter? If you are, then you have some work to do. A cluttered kitchen makes cooking and cleaning more difficult if your parent can’t find what they need. And, … Read more

smart speaker

The Power of Voice Command Technology for Aging in Place

Voice command technology is an aging-in-place game changer. It’s not possible to over-emphasize how integral this technology will be to aging-in-place design over the course of the next decade. Why? Imagine a friend comes to visit. When they arrive, they knock on the door waiting to enter the house. What if rather than walking over … Read more


The Top 3 Aging-in-Place Renovation Myths…Busted!

Years after the aging-in-place trend first took off, and as more and more older adults choose to live at home as they age, I’m still surprised by how many misconceptions there are about aging-in-place design. These misconceptions have spurred major aging-in-place renovation myths and, as a result, confusion has taken hold. To make good decisions, … Read more


Decluttering the Aging-in-Place Home

As you’re planning your major aging-in-place home remodeling and renovation projects, my guess is that decluttering isn’t on your short list of to-dos. However, clutter can be a big safety issue in aging-in-place homes. The most obvious benefit of decluttering: removing clutter means you’re removing tripping hazards. Beyond physical safety, an aging-in-place home should care … Read more

Exterior lighting

The Best Exterior Lighting for Aging in Place

It’s not easy to get from the car to the front door and into the house without the help of exterior lighting. We’ve all been there – standing at the door in the dark fumbling for the house key and then struggling to fit the key into the doorknob. Now imagine yourself in that scenario … Read more

Best Recessed Lighting for the kitchen

The Best Recessed Lighting Products for Aging in Place

Recessed lighting is a relatively cost-effective way to add a beautiful finishing touch to any room in the home. And yet this kind of lighting often gets placed in the home improvement box labeled ‘luxury’ and ignored by budget-conscious DIYers. The truth is that recessed lights are as economical and practical as they are stylish, … Read more

AIP Home Renovations for Your Live-In Caregiver

As people begin to age in their homes, there comes a time when either they or their family members start questioning whether staying home is the safest option, and rightfully so. Traditional homes offer many obstacles such as stairs, slippery floors, high cabinets, less-than-ideal lighting for aging eyes, and numerous other challenges for older adults. … Read more

How to Install Recessed Lighting for Aging in Place

As we age, our eyes start to play tricks on us. It gets harder to see clearly, especially in low-lit rooms and this is compounded further by our reduced ability to define contrast in low light. You can imagine the dangers of an older adult trying to navigate a dark home. It’s a perfect recipe … Read more

The Best Task Lights for Aging in Place

Light equals safety when you’re aging in place. Older eyes need more light than younger eyes, but it’s not just the quantity of the light that matters – it’s the quality of light and how it’s used around your home. Quality light also contributes to comfort, confidence and overall wellbeing. If your parent can see … Read more

The 4 Best Dimmer Switches for Aging in Place

Aging-in-place home lighting can be tricky. On one hand, your home needs to be well lit so you, your parent, or loved one can safely see where they’re going. However, as we age our eyes become more sensitive to light and even moderately bright lights can cause discomfort or headaches. An easy-to-use dimmer switch is … Read more

10 of the Best Cabinet Pulls and Knobs for Aging in Place

Kitchen cabinet pulls and bathroom drawer knobs are minor considerations in your overall DIY aging-in-place home renovation project, right? Wrong! Our hands stiffen and become sore with age – there’s no way around it. Large or small, any product you’re incorporating into your remodel that impacts an older adult’s hands needs to measure up to … Read more

Smart Storage Solutions for the Aging-in-Place Bathroom

Our job as aging-in-place builders and designers is to make life easier, less painful, and more comfortable for older adults. Something as simple as a smart storage solution that makes everyday household items easier to reach can help us make big progress towards this goal. Let’s take a look at the bathroom – the room … Read more

5 of the Best Shower Faucet Handles for Aging in Place

A relaxing shower can provide a lot of therapeutic health benefits for an older adult aging in place. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous activities your parent or loved one does each day. Building a shower with proper aging-in-place design features will help them live independently for a much longer period … Read more

Essential Safety Accessories for the Aging-in-Place Bathroom

I can’t overemphasize the importance of safety in the aging-in-place bathroom. It’s the most common room in the home for an older adult to get hurt and seriously injured. And it’s no surprise why. Bathroom floors easily get wet and showers have to withstand slippery soaps and shampoos that cling to the shower floor. Unless … Read more

5 of the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

Making decisions that impact the potential safety and wellbeing of your loved one as they age in place isn’t easy. When I talk with DIYers planning an aging-in-place home renovation, the stress of choosing the safest products seems especially high in the kitchen – a potentially dangerous room in the home where slips, falls and … Read more

5 of the Best Delta Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

Designing any kitchen – especially an aging-in-place kitchen – can be an extremely overwhelming task. Before you start sketching, shopping and comparing color swatches, keep in mind that there are really only three primary goals for an aging-in-place kitchen.  Reduce Pain Increase Comfort Create a Safe Environment As you work through your aging-in-place kitchen plans, … Read more

10 of the Best Delta Bathroom Faucets for Aging-in-Place

When I talk with DIYers in the early planning stages of an aging-in-place bathroom renovation, they almost always ask me which bathroom faucets are the safest and which one they should buy. My answer: an ADA-compliant bathroom faucet from Delta.  Why ADA-Compliant? Back in the ‘90s, the American Disabilities Act, or ADA, was passed mandating … Read more

Best Door Levers for Adults with Arthritis

For older adults aging in place, especially those living with arthritis, simple tasks like opening and closing doors can be extremely painful. Swapping out door knobs for easy-to-open door levers is a great way to immediately reduce the discomfort older adults with arthritis experience in their home. Installing a new door lever is almost always … Read more

lighting suggestions for aging in place

Lighting Product Suggestions for Aging in Place

As we age, it’s natural for our eyes to begin to change. Those natural changes, however, affect everyone differently. Some older adults may not be able to make out small details like they once could, while others may develop an increased sensitivity to glare. The simple addition of lamps and light fixtures can help reduce … Read more

faucets for aging in place

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Recommendations for Aging in Place

When approaching an aging-in-place remodel, it’s important that all homeowners take a look at their environment and identify potential obstacles that could impact their daily life. One of those obstacles may be the type of faucets and sinks around the home. Kitchen and bathroom faucets provide a unique challenge for aging adults. Limited dexterity, worsening … Read more