The Best Swing Arm Bathroom Mirrors for Aging-in-Place

As your loved ones get older and their eyes start changing, it may be harder to see in the mirror when getting ready if it’s against the wall and unaccessible. Swing arm mirrors are a reliable solution for this problem. They are easy to move in and out and adjust to the perfect spot. Not only that, but many swing arm mirrors feature a magnified mirror. This allows the user to see close up easily without having to lean in to a normal mirror.

The Best Swing Arm Bathroom Mirrors

Jerdon Wall Mount Mirror

The Jerdon Wall Mount Mirror is the perfect versatile option for the aging-in-place bathroom. The mirror has an 8 inch circumference, and the swing arm extends 13.5 inches. It is easy to move and can come as close or far away from the user as needed. This mirror also features a 360 degree swivel, from a 1x magnified side to 5x magnification on the other – making it extremely easy to see up close details when getting ready.

Lansi Magnification Wall Mount Mirror

This mirror is a great choice for someone who needs a product that is easy to move for the ideal view. The base of the arm attached to the wall mount can move up, down, left, and right. The swing arm itself rotates 360 degrees at two different points, and the mirror swivels 360 degrees as well. There are two magnification options to choose from – 1x and 7x or 1x and 10x. The Lansi Magnification Mirror also is available in a variety of colors to match the aging-in-place bathroom.

Jerdon JP7510N Wall Mount Mirror

The Jerdon JP7510N is perfect for someone who has trouble seeing details in the mirror. This 8″ mirror is magnified 1x on one side, and 10x on the other, with a small 15x magnification circle as well. The 15x magnification option ensures that every detail is seen easily. The arm extends 13.5″ from the wall and it easy and stable to move around to the right angle. The Jerdon JP7510N is has a nickel finish that helps protect the mirror from condensation and moisture.

CZQ USB Rechargeable Wall Mounted Mirror

If your loved one is looking for a higher end mirror that makes it easier to see details, a good option is one with LED lights. The CZQ LED Mirror features 33 diffused LED lights, which are bright enough to see clearly but won’t cause strain or glare on eyes. The wall mounted arm is 12 inches and folds back against the wall when it’s not in use. One side of the mirror is a standard magnification, and the other side magnifies 3x. The CZQ Mirror uses a USB cord to recharge easily and doesn’t clutter the counter space.

Cavoli Wall Mounted LED Mirror

The Cavoli Wall Mounted LED Mirror is another reliable option for someone looking for a high quality mirror with lights. This mirror is available in 1x and 7x magnification or 1x and 10x, depending on what your loved one prefers. The LED lights emit an even bright glow, and there are three different color options: warm light, white light, and cold light. The Cavoli Mirror is made out of brass and 304 stainless steel which prevents rust and has long-lasting durability.

Jerdon J2020C Swivel Wall Mount Mirror

The Jerdon J2020C Wall Mount Mirror features a different extended arm style than most. The arm is made with a scissor design that can extend 30 inches from the wall and looks sleek and stylish. The scissor design makes it easy for older people to move the mirror in and out with a larger arm surface to grip on to. The Jerdon J2020C showcases a 360 degree swivel from a 1x mirror to a 5x mirror.


What should you do now?

As people get older, their eyes can change and make it harder to see far away in the mirror. The swing arm mirror is a great alternative to a regular vanity mirror. They can allow your loved one to adjust it to the perfect angle and provide magnification to see details clearly. There are many options to consider when picking a swing arm mirror, but I hope this guide helped narrow your decision down!

Let me know how you make out and, as always, leave your questions in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to give you the answer and help in any way I can.

Good luck with your next aging-in-place home project.

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