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The Best Moen Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

If you are organizing an aging-in-place home renovation, you should know that every detail you add as a part of your renovation master plan matters. You need to carefully consider every product you will use to make your home safer and allow easier access to every space. Of course, one of the most essential spaces … Read more

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The Best Pull Down Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

A lot of the contemporary kitchen faucets currently on the market have a lot of features that focus on providing maximum comfort to the user. User-friendly kitchen faucets have become more popular than traditional faucets because they make cleaning dishes a quick and straightforward process. Therefore, many big-name brands specializing in manufacturing faucets have made … Read more

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Types of Modern Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

There have been many misconceptions about older adults preferring more traditional fixtures for their homes. While it is true that older adults like simplicity in their kitchen fixtures that allow for easy use, the truth is that the products that have the most convenient and practical features are the more modern ones. This is especially … Read more

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The 5 Best Non Slip Kitchen Rugs for Aging in Place

The kitchen is one of the places we spend a lot of time standing. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to find a non slip kitchen rug that is comfortable, relieves pressure from our joints, and is secure enough to eradicate slips. With that in mind, here are the 5 best non slip kitchen rugs for … Read more

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Types of Black Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

If you are looking for style besides practicality out of your kitchen fixtures, black kitchen faucets can help make your kitchen stand out in your home. Black kitchen faucets give an air of modernity to your kitchen and make a strong impression on people when entering the room for the very first time. A black … Read more

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The Best Kohler Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

A crucial part of aging in place home modifications is your kitchen renovation. The kitchen is an essential space within a home and perhaps the most commonly used space. For this reason, you need to pay special attention when selecting all the fixtures in your kitchen. You need to consider many things before choosing a … Read more

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10 of the Best Moen Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen, you will require a high-quality kitchen faucet to provide efficient performance. With that in mind, we have created a list to highlight 10 of the best Moen kitchen faucets for aging in place. The Moen kitchen faucets in this list are stylish and functional, ensuring that they … Read more

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5 of the Best American Standard Kitchen Faucets for Aging-in-Place

When the time comes to begin an aging-in-place remodel, it’s important to take into consideration everyday items in the home that may become potential obstacles. One obstacle that may arise is the kitchen faucet. Whether it’s a decrease in hand strength, an increase in temperature sensitivity or a variety of other challenges, the right kitchen … Read more

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How to Adjust the Temperature of Aging-in-Place Faucets

9 Easy-to-Adjust Delta Faucets for Your Aging-in-Place Bathroom and Kitchen Serious, life-threatening burns from scalding tap water are up there among some of the most common household injuries. Most people solve this problem by turning down the temperature on their hot water heater. The trouble with that solution, though, is that some appliances – like … Read more

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Decluttering the Aging-in-Place Kitchen

Take a walk around your parent’s kitchen. Peek inside a few cabinets, look under the sink, and notice what’s on the countertop. Are you bombarded by clutter? If you are, then you have some work to do. A cluttered kitchen makes cooking and cleaning more difficult if your parent can’t find what they need. And, … Read more

How to Install a Pull Out Pantry for Aging in Place

Anyone who’s lived with a deep pantry knows the struggle of losing cans and boxes to the back of the cabinet, never to be seen again. Pull out pantries are a great addition to any kitchen. They let you see everything and keep it all within reach. For an aging-in-place kitchen, I consider pull out … Read more

5 of the Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

Making decisions that impact the potential safety and wellbeing of your loved one as they age in place isn’t easy. When I talk with DIYers planning an aging-in-place home renovation, the stress of choosing the safest products seems especially high in the kitchen – a potentially dangerous room in the home where slips, falls and … Read more

5 of the Best Delta Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

Designing any kitchen – especially an aging-in-place kitchen – can be an extremely overwhelming task. Before you start sketching, shopping and comparing color swatches, keep in mind that there are really only three primary goals for an aging-in-place kitchen.  Reduce Pain Increase Comfort Create a Safe Environment As you work through your aging-in-place kitchen plans, … Read more

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Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Recommendations for Aging in Place

When approaching an aging-in-place remodel, it’s important that all homeowners take a look at their environment and identify potential obstacles that could impact their daily life. One of those obstacles may be the type of faucets and sinks around the home. Kitchen and bathroom faucets provide a unique challenge for aging adults. Limited dexterity, worsening … Read more

Aging in Place Without Losing Your Style

5 Issues With Adapting Your Kitchen For Aging In Place

The kitchen is typically one of the rooms in which you spend large amounts of time, whether it be creating a meal for one, or inviting family and friends to join you. When adapting a kitchen for aging in place, it’s important for the kitchen to retain that significance, so that you may keep alive … Read more