The Best Kohler Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

A crucial part of aging in place home modifications is your kitchen renovation. The kitchen is an essential space within a home and perhaps the most commonly used space. For this reason, you need to pay special attention when selecting all the fixtures in your kitchen.

You need to consider many things before choosing a kitchen faucet, but selecting the right brand is an important first step. Kohler kitchen faucets are highly regarded for their quality and practical design, making Kohler the top choice for several customers.

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The History of Kohler

John Michael Kohler founded Kohler Co. in 1873, and it originally produced farm tools. The first plumbing product was created in 1883, with the company making an enameled cast iron water container that was sold as a bathtub. From then on, Kohler began venturing into the market of plumbing products specializing in showers, and bath and kitchen faucets, among many others.

John Michael Kohler originally created the company with other partners, but it was eventually passed on to his own family, becoming Kohler Co. officially in 1912. John Michael was succeeded by his third son, Walter Kohler.

After Walter died in 1940, his brother, Herbert V. Kohler, Sr. became Chairman and CEO of Kohler Co. Herbert V. Kohler, Jr. succeeded his father in 1972 and remained in that role until 2015, when he became Executive Chairman, and his own son, David Kohler, became the current President and CEO. The company has remained within the family for four generations.

The company’s headquarters are located in Kohler, Wisconsin, a small village in Sheboygan County. The Kohlers are considered a very prominent family in Wisconsin, with two members being past Governors of Wisconsin.

The 5 Best Kohler Kitchen Faucets for Aging in Place

The Kohler Company has almost 150 years of history in producing quality plumbing fixtures for your home. Let’s take a look at the best Kohler kitchen faucets for aging in place.

1. Best Overall – Kohler K-77515-Vs Tournant Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kohler K-77515-Vs Tournant Semi-Professional Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Kohler ‎77515-VS Tournant faucet is an elegant fixture that will enrich the design of your kitchen. Besides its stylish look, it is specifically made to provide ease of use and comfort, making it perfect for aging in place.

This kitchen faucet has a high-arc spout allowing you to reach the running water effortlessly. The spray head easily secures back into place thanks to the magnetic docking system, DockNetik. This makes you not have to put stress on your hands trying to secure it.

Another great feature that this Kohler faucet has is the temperature returns to what it was from prior use, thanks to the temperature memory technology. With this feature, you will not be surprised when you turn on the running water. The spray head includes three different modes, which allow you to perform various cleaning tasks.

Of course, one of the most critical aspects of this faucet is that it is incredibly durable due to the quality materials used to manufacture it. Cleaning the faucet is also made simple due to the removable coil around the hose that allows you to clean it with almost no effort. Moreover, the MasterClean spray face is made to withstand mineral buildup from frequent use.

This is one of the best kitchen faucets on the market and definitely one of Kohler’s best.

2. Runner Up – Kohler K-22033-BL Simplice Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kohler K-77515

A close second to the first entry on this list is the Kohler K-22033-BL Simplice. The Simplice line includes some of the top products that the Kohler Company produces today and is a must-have for those looking for simplicity. This convenient Kohler faucet will make all your cleaning tasks as easy as possible, making it an ideal selection for your aging-in-place kitchen renovation.

This model also has a three-function spray head, a pull-down hose, a high-arc spout, and a magnetic docking system that easily secures your spray head. Moreover, the swiveling ball joint makes it easier for you to better grip and pull down the hose with minimum stress on your hands.

3. Kohler 22973-CP Crue Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kohler 22973-CP

Another great option for your aging-in-place kitchen is the Kohler 22973-CP Crue kitchen faucet. This model has most of the helpful features you will need out of a kitchen faucet.

Some of these features are the high-arc spout for the ease of reach, a single lever handle for turning the water on/off and adjusting temperature easily, and a pull-down spray head with the ProMotion technology’s braided hose swiveling ball joint for a comfortable grip. The DockNetik magnetic docking system will automatically lock the spray head into place.

The three-function spray head (Stream, Sweep, and Boost) and the MasterClean spray face that prevents excess mineral buildup are included.

4. KOHLER K-99259-SN Artifacts Kitchen Sink Fauce


This kitchen faucet is also a worthy choice to consider for your aging-in-place kitchen. The Kohler K-99259-SN Artifacts Kitchen Sink Faucet is a gorgeous and unique faucet, featuring three spray patterns. These are a BerrySoft light spray meant for frutist and vegetables, a Sweep spray for wide, forceful blades of water, and aerated spray perfect for quickly filling pots.

This faucet has a high arch, 360-degree rotating spout, pull-down hose, magnetic docking arm, and the single lever handle. With ProMotion technology this faucet is light, quiet and easy to use, perfect for those aging in place. It also has a beautiful classic look, great for any kitchen!

5. Kohler 597-VS Simplice Kitchen Faucet

Kohler 22973-CP

This is another product from the distinguished Simplice line. Unlike the second entry on this list, the semi-professional model is a more standardized version. However, this Kohler kitchen faucet still includes many features that make the Simplice products so popular.

The 597-VS Simplice kitchen faucet includes a three-function pull-down spray head, a single lever handle, and a high-arch spout. The spout also swivels a full 360 degrees, allowing you the ease of movement and the effortless completion of various cleaning tasks.


The Kohler Company is a reliable manufacturer of quality products with over 150 years of history in the market. Their carefully designed kitchen faucets aim to appease even the most demanding customers, driving the company to keep advancing its products. If you are looking for quality products for your aging-in-place kitchen, an innovative manufacturer like Kohler should be on the top of your list.

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