foyer in upscale home with french doors

How Much to Install French Doors in My Aging in Place Home?

French doors are an excellent choice for seniors as these doors serve more than aesthetic purposes; they are wheelchair accessible and allow more natural light into your home. Plus, they are generally easy to install, all of which makes them great for an aging-in-place home renovation. However, before you embark on this project you’ll want … Read more

Best Recessed Lighting for the kitchen

The Best Recessed Lighting Products for Aging in Place

Recessed lighting is a relatively cost-effective way to add a beautiful finishing touch to any room in the home. And yet this kind of lighting often gets placed in the home improvement box labeled ‘luxury’ and ignored by budget-conscious DIYers. The truth is that recessed lights are as economical and practical as they are stylish, … Read more

AIP Home Renovations for Your Live-In Caregiver

As people begin to age in their homes, there comes a time when either they or their family members start questioning whether staying home is the safest option, and rightfully so. Traditional homes offer many obstacles such as stairs, slippery floors, high cabinets, less-than-ideal lighting for aging eyes, and numerous other challenges for older adults. … Read more