5 of the Best American Standard Kitchen Faucets for Aging-in-Place

When the time comes to begin an aging-in-place remodel, it’s important to take into consideration everyday items in the home that may become potential obstacles. One obstacle that may arise is the kitchen faucet. Whether it’s a decrease in hand strength, an increase in temperature sensitivity or a variety of other challenges, the right kitchen faucet can make a big difference in your loved one’s life. Here’s a list of some of my favorite kitchen faucets, from the reliable American Standard brand.

Why American Standard?

American Standard is a well-known brand with a variety of ADA-compliant products, which serve as a necessary update in the aging-in-place home. With such a variety of products, you can trust them to make a sturdy and safe faucet that works well and serves its purpose. Along with being ADA-compliant, many American Standard kitchen faucets also are water efficient, using less water and preventing unnecessary dripping.

What Makes a Faucet ADA-Compliant?

There are a few guidelines that ensure kitchen faucets are ADA-compliant. The biggest criteria is if the handle is easy to be twisted, turned, and pulled without too much force and without straining your wrist. Handles that are mounted to the base of the faucet are also key, because they meet ADA height requirements, and can be used without hassle. All five of the faucets listed in this article are ADA-compliant and would be a reliable addition to the aging-in-place home.

The 5 Best American Standard Faucets for Aging-in-Place

Pekoe Single-Handle Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

The Pekoe faucet doubles as stylish and sturdy all in one. It’s made from a durable brass with a ceramic disk valve to prevent dripping. This faucet features a swivel spout and a swing arm, making it easy to clean dishes and the sink without much hassle. The spout also pulls down for extra flexibility, and has different spray settings to choose from. The lever is ADA-compliant and easy to grab and turn on and off. The metal lever also easily controls water temperature, so your loved one doesn’t have to worry about accidentally using a temperature that they might be sensitive to.

Studio S Semi-Pro Kitchen Faucet

One of my favorite things about a lot of the American Standard faucets are that they can be used with only one hand. The Studio S faucet is no different. It features an elevated one-piece handle that is easy to operate and to grab. Because this faucet eliminates any unnecessary design elements and is a simple, one-piece faucet, it is very easy to clean without hassle. The neck is made from a stainless steel coil spring that is fully flexible and simple to use. Alongside that, the dual-function head provides two spray settings — stream and spray. The Studio S faucet is ADA-compliant, and water efficient. It comes in three different finishes; stainless steel, chrome, and matte black, so it will match any aging-in-place kitchen.

Delancey Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

If you’re looking for a more tradition style of faucet for you aging-in-place remodel, the Delancey Pull-Down faucet is a great choice. This faucet is made from a durable and easy to clean metal, and comes in three different finishes; polished nickel, stainless steel, and chrome. The pull-down sprayer features spray, stream, and pause settings, and has a reach of 8-11/16 inches to help with any kitchen task. Similarly to the other ADA-compliant faucets from American Standard, water temperature is controlled with the easy-to-grasp handle on the side of the base.

Colony High Arc Pull-Down Faucet

The Colony High Arc Kitchen faucet is made from a durable stainless steel with a brass swivel spout that is easy to clean and maneuver. It features one lever that is simple to use and controls the water temperature as well as the flow. The spray head pulls down for easy access to the entire sink, and has two water flow settings; stream and spray. There is also a pause feature to stop the stream of water temporarily if needed. The Colony faucet is constructed with a ceramic disk valve that prevents dripping, and made from corrosion-resistant brass. This faucet is a simple and classic design that will fit in well in any kitchen.

Edgewater Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

If your loved one loves to cook and needs a solid sink with a variety of sprays, then check out the Edgewater Pull-Down faucet. This faucet spray head features four settings; spray, stream, jet, and mist, along with a pause mode to help with any kitchen task. The spray head is also fitted with a Re-Trax retraction system that ensures the head is easy to pull out and retract. Made from a high quality lead-free material, American Standard promises durability and drip-free performance. There are two finishes to choose from; stainless steel and chrome. This faucet features a one-lever design, which is easy to grasp and use.


Choosing the Right American Standard Faucet for the Aging-in-Place Home

You can’t go wrong when choosing from one of the ADA-compliant American Standard kitchen faucets for your aging-in-place renovation. All of these faucets are made from durable material that is easy to clean, and feature single levers that your loved one won’t struggle to use. Each option is a safe, comfortable, and attractive addition to your renovation. As you plan your DIY kitchen upgrade, send me any questions you have by using the comments section below. As always, I’m here to help you along the way.

Good luck with your next aging-in-place home project.

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