10 Black Bathroom Faucets for the Aging-in-Place Home

The stigma that ‘aging-in-place’ and ‘design’ can’t co-exist under one roof is the farthest thing from the truth. Gone are the days when older adults have to give up on the way their home looks in order to make it a safer place to live.

That’s a big part of why I love what I do. I get to help my customers see how beautiful and modern an aging-in-place home can be.

Modern aging-in-place design is all in the details – and faucets and fixtures are the secret weapons.

No one spends a day at home without turning on and off the bathroom sink. For sore, arthritic hands, that can mean consistent pain throughout the day. And that’s why replacing your bathroom faucet with one that’s safer and easier to use is also a great opportunity to improve the overall look of your aging-in-place home.

In this article, I’m focusing specifically on black bathroom faucets for aging in place. Black fixtures are in vogue right now and seeing a resurgence in popularity. They’re also the perfect way to add style and sophistication to your parent’s aging-in-place bathroom.

What Makes a Faucet Safe for Your Aging-in-Place Bathroom?

Before you lift a lever or turn a knob on any new faucet, you’ll need to recognize which faucets are safe for older hands and which are not.

The standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are the holy grail of aging-in-place safety best practices.

The ADA holds faucets to exceptionally high safety standards in the aging-in-place home. That’s because the wrong faucet can create a lot of pain and discomfort for older adults with arthritis or sore hands. For a faucet to be considered ADA-compliant, it must meet the following standards.

  • Operable with one hand
  • Does not require tight grasping, pinching, or twisting of the wrist
  • The force required to operate the hardware does not exceed 5 lbs.

The big faucet brands like Delta and Moen have ADA-compliant faucet options. Typically for an aging-in-place bathroom faucet, levers are safer than knobs. Of course, there are exceptions. If your heart is set on a black bathroom faucet with knobs, there are options out there.

10 Black Bathroom Faucets for Aging-In-Place

Here are my 10 favorite black bathroom faucets for aging-in-place.

Black Lever Faucets for the Aging-in-Place Bathroom

Delta Trinsic Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Delta is one of my go-to brands for all of my aging-in-place renovations. You’ll see their name pop up a few more times on this list for a reason. Their Trinsic faucet is a pretty-close-to-perfect solution when your parent’s older faucet is too painful to use. It has other perks too, like a diamond-embedded ceramic disk seal to reduce leaks, and Delta’s WaterSense technology to conserve water.

Moen Gibson High Arc Bathroom Faucet

Moen is another one of my favorite faucets and fixtures manufacturers. Their Gibson faucet’s rounded handles are the reason this one makes the list. They make turning the faucet even more comfortable because there are no sharp edges or angles to contend with. The faucet’s high arc also gives your parent more clearance between the faucet and their hands which is another helpful feature.

Miseno Mia Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Unlike Delta or Moen, Miseno isn’t a household name. But, they should be based on the quality of their products and how well they design for aging-in-place. Their Mia faucet in flat black is a favorite of mine because of its rounded handles and how it balances a modern handle with a more traditional spout for a timeless look. If you’re looking for a great all-around black faucet that’s never going to go out of style, the Mia could be the one.

Delta Pivotal Bathroom Faucet

If your parents want ultra-modern, Delta can do that, too. Their Pivotal faucet series is sleek and angular – no soft curves here. This single-lever, single-hole faucet is a smart choice if your bathroom sink or counter is on the smaller side. It takes up minimal room while still giving you an easy-to-turn ADA-compliant handle. The only downside of the Pivotal that I can see is the price tag. In the case of Delta, if you’re looking for a more modern look, it’ll cost you a little extra.

There are many more excellent black-lever faucets out there for aging-in-place bathrooms. Beyond my favorites, you can check out this long list of Black Lever Bathroom Faucets. Before you buy, make sure you confirm with the manufacturer that your faucet is ADA-compliant.

Black Cross Handle Knob Faucets for the Aging-in-Place Bathroom

Moen Weymouth Double Cross Handle Widespread Bathroom Faucet

As I mentioned, ADA-compliance and knob faucet handles don’t always mix. But, Moen pulls it off beautifully with their Weymouth faucet. Both knobs are so easy to turn they’re almost effortless. The faucet also includes Delta’s WaterSense technology. It’s a great all-around faucet for an aging-in-place bathroom, especially when you’re looking to bring traditional style and safety together.

Moen Weymouth Double Cross Handle Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

Moen’s Weymouth cross handle faucet also comes in a wall mounted option. It gives you a unique way to showcase a traditional style faucet with a more custom look. The wall mount faucet comes with all of the same features as the counter mount and is, of course, ADA compliant.

Kingston Brass Center Wall Mount Bathroom Faucet

Another great wall mount faucet option is the Kingston Brass Millennium Faucet. Its large cross handle knobs make grasping each one comfortable. Otherwise, Kingston delivers a simple, classic design with the matte black finish that gives this a more modern look. 

Avanity Messina Widespread Bathroom Faucet

This knob faucet from Avanity is perfect for the aging-in-place bathroom that wants to keep things simple and sophisticated. There’s nothing fancy about this Messina faucet, which is its best feature. Its two ADA-compliant knobs are easy-to-use without causing discomfort to older hands. I also like the angle of its spout – water is projected slightly out rather than down. This brings the water closer to your parent so they don’t have to reach as far – an important detail when you’re designing for aging-in-place safety.

There are other great black knob faucets out there beyond the ones listed here. Check out this list and scroll through to find additional Black Knob Bathroom Faucets for Aging in Place.

Black Touchless Faucets for the Aging-in-Place Bathroom

Brizo Odin Single Handle SmartTouch Plus Bathroom Faucet

Brizo is synonymous with high quality faucets and fixtures, and its Touchless Odin faucet is proof. With this bathroom faucet, your parent can activate the water with either a touch or hands-free. It also includes a temperature indicator so your parent can see how hot or cold the water is before getting their hands wet. All of these features make this faucet so much safer for aging-in-place.

Delta Zura Touch20.xt Bathroom Faucet

Delta is another manufacturer that has touchless faucet technology covered. Like the Brizo faucet, your parent can tap the faucet to turn it on – no knob or lever turning required. Delta’s Zura also turns on when your parent holds their hands within 4-inches of the faucet. Then, its sensor turns the faucet off once you move your hands away. This is another great example of how technology is changing the game for aging-in-place design.

There Are More Black Bathroom Faucet Options Out There Than Ever Before

With the resurgence of black and matte black fixtures, there one for every aging-in-place bathroom out there. When you start your search, use this list to make sure you’re shopping for an ADA-compliant faucet that will look great and keep your parent safe as they age in place.

Let me know how you make out and, as always, leave your questions in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to give you the answer and help in any way I can.

Good luck with your next aging-in-place home project.

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