The Best Chrome Door Levers for Aging-in-Place

If you are upgrading your loved one’s home to make it more aging-in-place friendly, switching out doorknobs for door levers is a great place to start. It can be hard for those with arthritis in their hands to grasp onto doorknobs and turn them without resulting in pain. Door levers are much easier to turn and open – and come in a variety of styles. There are multiple options depending on what your loved one needs and wants in their home. A chrome finish adds a sleek and modern look to any space. Check out this list of my favorite chrome finish door levers for the aging-in-place home!

The Best Chrome Door Levers

All of these door levers come in different functional options depending on where you plan to use them. There are privacy options, some with button locks and others with keys. There are also passage levers available that work great for hallways and closets that don’t need locks. If your loved one has trouble grasping and turning door handles, you can try a dummy handle. Dummy handles push and pull rather than turning. Here’s a list of my favorites!

Kwikset Slim Square Lever

The Kwikset Slim Square Lever is a great option for those who want ensured privacy in their homes. It features a locking function, including a key hole on one side and a push button release on the other for easy locking and unlocking. This lever is fully reversible and can be installed on either a left handed or right handed door. The Kwikset Lever meets ADA requirements and fits easily on standard doors. It has a polished chrome finish and a sleek, modern square shape. If the door is accidentally locked, there’s a small tool that works to unlock it in the hole underneath the handle. If you lose the tool, a paperclip or toothpick can be used! Users I’ve received feedback from love the shiny chrome finish and the easy installation process.

Designers Impression Chrome Lever

This chrome lever is easy for those with arthritis in the hands to grab and open. It works perfect for privacy in a bedroom or bathroom. The handle is reversible and works on left or right handed doors. A standard size allen key is included to be unlocked from the outside, and there is a button to lock from the inside. The chrome finish is shiny and sleek, and doesn’t show fingerprints. The metal used is strong and sturdy, and provides a reliable door handle that won’t break off or get loose after use.

Probrico Heavy Duty Lever

The Probrico Heavy Duty Lever comes in a variety of styles depending on your loved one’s needs and wants. There are dummy levers that pull open, keyed entry levers, passage levers with no lock for hallways and closets, and lockable privacy lockers for bedrooms and bathrooms. Keyed levers are available with the same keys for each door, or different keys. The locks are made with a solid metal for anti-sawing protection. These handles have a polished chrome finish and are reversible for right and left handed doors. It’s easy to install on all standard size doors. Each lock weighs 2 pounds and is made of sturdy zinc alloy.

Schlage Flair Privacy Lever

There are a few different styles of the Schlage Flair Privacy Lever – perfect for any need in the aging-in-place home. There is a privacy option, with a push button lock. Along with that, there is a passage style, which works great for closets or hallways that don’t need extra privacy. Schlage also offers right handed and left handed dummy handles that push/pull open rather than turn. For extra privacy, there is a keyed entry style as well. All 5 styles are easy to install with only one tool, and they are all ADA compliant.

Schlage Lever Non-Turning Lock

If your loved one is looking for a chrome door lever for a closet that only requires a handle on one side, this is a reliable option. It works well for those who have arthritis and have trouble turning door handles. The Schlage Lever is a dummy handle, meaning it just pulls and pushes open rather than the handle turning. This handle can work on right or left swing doors, and is easy to install with a Phillips screwdriver. It has a nice feel to it with a small indent and smooth, comfortable finish.

Avalon 0560 Modern Door Lever

The Avalon 0560 is a very sturdy and safe door lever option. The door handles can be installed for privacy with a lock for bedrooms and bathrooms, or for passage with no lock for hallways and closets. The latch mechanism is reversible, so the lever can fit right or left swing doors. These levers are very sleek and modern, with a shiny chrome finish and hidden screws. They also feature a unique square look, rather than the normal curved door handle.


What should you do now?

Switching out small door knobs for chrome door levers is an upgrade for the aging-in-place home that will be worth it in the long run. This small change can help your loved one feel more comfortable in their home, and make it easier for them to open doors. Door levers are much easier to turn and open rather than turning small knobs, especially for someone with arthritis. There are many options to consider, but I hope this guide made it easier to narrow down the list!

Let me know how you make out and, as always, leave your questions in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to give you the answer and help in any way I can.

Good luck with your next aging-in-place home project.

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