10 of The Best Mounted Automatic Dispensers for Older Adults with Arthritis

Mounted automatic dispensers can be extremely beneficial in the aging-of-place home, and especially those who have arthritis. The most helpful feature is the automatic dispensing. It can be hard for older adults with arthritis to press in buttons or pumps on dispensers, so being able to automatically dispense products without using their hands works great. Another benefit of upgrading to automatic dispensers is the limiting of cross contamination. You don’t realize it, but dispensers collect germs from everyone who uses them. By using an automatic, touchless dispenser you can avoid the spreading of other people’s germs. A third helping benefit is clearing up counter space! Mounted dispensers help your counters stay less cluttered and look more organized. There are mountable, automatic dispensers for every bathroom product you could need – but here are some of my favorites!

Toothpaste Dispensers

Toothpaste dispensers are highly overlooked but can make a huge difference in the aging-in-place home. Squeezing a toothpaste bottle can strain your loved one’s hands and be hard for those with arthritis. Automatic, mounted dispensers not only create counter space, but some actually contain holders for toothbrushes and other bathroom products.

VOSGES Toothpaste Dispenser

This wall mounted toothpaste dispenser is made of food-grade silicone and fits the average toothpaste head. It uses a vacuum squeeze pump to get toothpaste out and saves effort. The VOSGES toothpaste dispenser is also extremely easy to install and disassemble to clean. It’s available in three colors; blue, white, and green. When you insert your toothbrush, you push down a lever inside which then releases the toothpaste onto your brush. This does a great job at keeping the counter clean, and is easy for those with arthritis to use since it eliminates having to squeeze the bottle.

BHeadCat Double Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser

If you’re looking for a decked out toothpaste dispenser that has many other functions and keeps the bathroom counter clean, this is for you. The BHeadCat Double Automatic Dispenser features 2 toothpaste dispensers, 6 toothbrush holders, 2 magnetic cups, a cosmetic drawer, and a storage tray on top. The toothpaste dispensers prevent the waste of toothpaste by releasing the perfect amount, and 2 squeezers allows for 2 different types of toothpaste to be used. It’s detachable and easy to clean, and is made of toxic free ABS material. The large storage space can fit cosmetics, razors, cleansers, and any other bathroom products you may need. The toothbrush slots drain quickly and easily, keeping them dry and clean. This dispenser is mounted using traceless stickers on smooth surfaces, and is very easy to remove.

WEKITY Toothpaste Dispenser

The WEKITY Toothpaste Dispenser is another great option to keep bathroom counters clean and organized. It features 2 toothpaste dispensers, 5 toothbrush holders, and 4 cups. The toothpaste dispensers use a vacuum pump to release the perfect amount of toothpaste without having to squeeze the bottle. This helps prevent the waste of toothpaste and is easy to use for older adults with arthritis. The toothbrush holders allow for easy draining, and the whole mounted holder is easy to detach and clean.


Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

We’ve all learned the importance of hand sanitizer in the last year, and probably all use it way more than before. Mounted hand sanitizer dispensers make it quick and easy to dispense the important product, and prevents having to squeeze a bottle.

JE Make IT Simple Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

The JE Make IT Simple really does “make it simple” to use hand sanitizer without having to squeeze a bottle. It has a smart, non-touch sensor system. All you have to do is put your hand under to start the dispenser, which prevents cross-contamination by touching it. It’s compatible with any gel or liquid sanitizer and is easy to mount. This dispenser uses 4 C batteries or can be plugged into a wall outlet.

Uniquetech Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

This dispenser is easily mountable by using the included stickers to attach it to any flat surface; mirrors, tiles, or even painted walls without damage. It’s 7″ by 4.7″ and features a motion sensor to prevent cross-contamination. The Uniquetech dispenser can be filled with any gel or liquid sanitizer. It also features a visual window that shows the level of the liquid inside so you know when to refill it. This dispenser is run with 3 AA batteries, and is easy to take apart to clean or replace the batteries.


Shower Dispensers

Mounted shower dispensers can upgrade the aging-in-place home in so many ways. One helpful benefit is that they eliminate clutter that could pose as a tripping hazard in the slippery shower. If your loved one has bottles sitting around on the shower floor, it’s easy for them to trip over. By putting these products in the dispenser, it creates a safer and less cluttered environment. Many dispensers also have multiple compartments for different products, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Better Living Euro Series Trio Shower Dispenser

This Better Living Shower Dispenser is a perfect fit for any aging-in-place home. Not only does it clean up the shower and prevent your loved one from tripping over bottles on the ground, but it also works great for older adults with arthritis. Instead of having to squeeze a bottle or push down on a pump they can instead push in a button on the dispenser and easily release shampoo, conditioner, or soap into their hand. This dispenser can be mounted on any shower wall or in the corner of a shower. It’s made of waterproof ABS plastic and is mounted using the included water-resistant silicone adhesive and 2-way tape. One thing that I love about the Better Living Euro Series Dispensers is that they are completely customizable. Along with the Trio, there is a Duo dispenser and an Uno dispenser available as well. Your loved one can choose how many they’ll need and order that specific amount.

SHCJ Wall Mount Shower Dispensers

If your loved one is looking for a more sleek and stylish shower dispenser for their home, check out the SHCJ Wall Mount Dispenser. With a dark, sleek finish that hides the color of the shampoo and conditioner, these are a great choice. Each dispenser has a level indicator window to show when it’s time to refill, and feature a push button to release the product without hassle. They’re made with waterproof ABS plastic and can be mounted with any strong water-resistant silicone adhesive. The dark outer cover lifts up for easy access to refill the products.

Modundry ABS Mounted Shower Dispenser

The Modundry ABS Mounted Shower Dispenser is a reliable option for older adults with arthritis. It features a push panel on the front to dispense the product into your hand and is easy to use without exerting your hand. This dispenser is made of ABS material that’s corrosion and rust-resistant. The clear window on the front allows you to see how much product is left inside. It’s extremely easy to replace product inside and to clean out the dispenser.


Hand Soap Dispensers

Automatic hand soap dispensers aren’t only for public restrooms. They can also be helpful in the aging-in-place home! Pressings down on soap bottle pumps is hard for some older adults, so being able to just place your hand directly underneath and have soap dispensed is beneficial.

EnBath Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser

The EnBath Mounted Hand Soap Dispenser is automatic and requires no buttons or levers. It mounts to the wall using strong double-sided adhesive tape and is secure in no time. One perk to having stainless steel soap dispensers is that stainless steel is one of the most hygienic materials and doesn’t support bacteria growth. You can easily clean it with disinfectant spray and a wash cloth. It can hold 40z of soap and won’t need to be refilled often.

ADKO Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

This mountable hand soap dispenser is also made from stainless steel, which is easy to clean and prevents rust. It has a small clear window to easily see the amount of soap left, and mounts quickly without hassle. It is compatible with not only hand soap, but hand sanitizer, lotion, and more making it extremely versatile. The ADKO Soap Dispenser uses an infra-red sensor to prevent dripping and provide an accurate performance.


What should you do now?

There are many benefits that come from choosing to upgrade the aging-in-place home with a mounted automatic dispenser. Not only are they easier for adults with arthritis to use, but they also prevent cross-contamination. They are available for almost every bathroom product, so you are sure to find one that fits your loved one’s needs. There are many options to consider, but I hope this guide made it easier to narrow down the list!

Let me know how you make out and, as always, leave your questions in the comments section below. I’ll be happy to give you the answer and help in any way I can.

Good luck with your next aging-in-place home project.

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