Four of the Best MiLocks Door Levers and Keyless Entry Deadbolts

Have you ever taken a count of how many doors you open, walk through, and close in a day?  The answer may be surprising.  If you have limited mobility, use a walking aid, or have arthritis in your hands and wrists, opening and closing doors could become a larger obstacle to your independence as you age. 

The doors you use to enter and exit your home are often the biggest concern. They’re usually heavier and can require more force to open and close than interior doors.

Leaving the front or back doors open all day and night is obviously not a safe option. But neither is an exterior door with a handle or knob that could cause your parent’s arthritic fingers and wrists to twist or pinch when they go to open the door.

The best levers for aging-in-place also come with a keyless entry deadbolt set. We recommend outfitting each of your aging-in-place exterior doors with a keyless locking system to eliminate the pain that turning a small key can cause to sore, arthritic hands. With a keyless door, there’s also no house key to drop, eliminating your parent from bending down to pick up keys and potentially falling.

MilLocks Door Levers are One of the Safest Door Handle Options for the Aging-in-Place Home

MiLocks is one of my go-to door hardware manufacturers because of the attention they pay to creating high-quality keyless door entry systems – perfect for aging-in-place. Their door levers and keyless deadbolt sets are also easy to install and a perfect DIY installation project.

MiLocks’ door levers and keyless entry deadbolts check all the necessary boxes for a safe aging-in-place door handle and lock, including:

  • Wide, easy-to-grip handles
  • Levers that move up and down smoothly
  • Easy to install
  • Fits securely in your existing door
  • Keyless deadbolts

Check out these aging-in-place-friendly MiLocks door levers and deadbolts.

MiLocks Digital Deadbolt Door Lock and Lever Combo with Keyless Entry

Everything about MiLocks’ keyless entry door lever and lock combo is easy. It’s easy to install, easy to program, easy to adjust to both left and right-handed doors, and easy for sore arthritic to use comfortably. For most doors, the MiLocks deadbolt fits the space of your existing deadbolt and handle system making upgrading to a keyless deadbolt set a simple switch. 

This MiLocks system allows for up to six separate users, each with their own code. Each user can choose a code with between two and eight numbers. I recommend choosing a code that’s easy for your parent to remember, but that’s not associated with birthdays, phone numbers, or anniversary dates. 

The keypad lights up with a touch of a button and will alert your parent with various sounds when the system is locking and unlocking.  I especially love these features for older adults who suffer from any vision impairment or who don’t see as well at night. 

This lever and lock combo is available in a variety of other finishes, including:  Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass.

MiLocks Digital Deadbolt Door Lock with Keyless Entry

If your parents already have an aging-in-place friendly door lever on their entry door, you can simply add the MiLocks digital deadbolt to their door and quickly turn it into a lever and deadbolt set. By adding the MiLocks keyless deadbolt to your door, you’ll make an instant upgrade in the safety of your aging-in-place home.

MiLocks’ excellent digital and keyless deadbolt also comes in a wide array of finishes, including: Satin Nickel, Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Polished Brass

MiLocks Digital Door Deadbolt and Passage Lever Handle with Remote Control

This remote-controlled keyless deadbolt and lever handle from MiLocks is another great example of technology making life easier and safer for older adults.

The MiLocks remote control deadbolt is smartphone compatible using the INSTEON home automation system. Your parent can control their door from their smartphone or the lock system’s remote. Your parent can also add up to 10 remotes to the one that comes with the product for family or caregivers.

The good news for DIYers is that the MiLocks remote control deadbolt is a direct replacement of the existing door lever and deadbolt, so installation is quick and easy.

MiLocks Smart Lock Combo

Smart home technology has created a whole new world of possibilities for older adults aging in place. With a smart home hub, like Alexa, and the power of their voice-control technology, older adults can control their home using their voice or their smartphone.

Now, with the MiLocks Smart Lock Combo, your parent can control their entry door using smart voice technology through a smart home hub via the Pentagon eql app. The app’s sensor will even let your parents know when the door has been opened or closed which they can access right from their smartphone.

The MiLocks Smart Lock Combo comes in a variety of finishes, including: Antique Brass, Oil Rubbed Bronze, and Satin Nickel.

To add the smart lock combo to your parent’s entry door, you will need to purchase an aging-in-place friendly door lever separately or use your existing door lever.


What Should You Do Now?

You have a lot to consider as you shop for the best door levers and deadbolts for your aging-in-place home. MiLocks door levers and deadbolts are what I trust for many of my aging-in-place renovations, and I’m confident that they’ll allow your parent to live more comfortably as they age.

If you have questions as you shop for and install your MiLocks door handle, send me your questions using the comments section below. I’m here and happy to help you along your DIY journey.

Good luck with your next aging-in-place home project.

One of the reasons why we recommend products on Amazon is that oftentimes the product you need is either out of stock or on backorder from the manufacturer or third-party site. I find Amazon to be much more reliable when I need a product fast because they have access to so many sellers.

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