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Best Door Levers for Adults with Arthritis

For older adults aging in place, especially those living with arthritis, simple tasks like opening and closing doors can be extremely painful. Swapping out door knobs for easy-to-open door levers is a great way to immediately reduce the discomfort older adults with arthritis experience in their home. Installing a new door lever is almost always … Read more

Converting a tub to a zero-threshold shower is a complex project.

Converting a Tub to a Zero-Threshold Shower

Our shower can become a dangerous place as we age. Nearly one in three injuries among elderly adults happens in the bathroom, most while showering or bathing. Traditional bathrooms have high-threshold tubs and getting in and out is one of the biggest challenges for someone who’s bound to a wheelchair or has any type of … Read more

widen a doorway

How to Widen a Doorway for Aging in Place

One of the biggest challenges I see time and time again in aging in place design is figuring out how to help someone safely move from room to room in their home. And, when that aging parent or friend relies on a wheelchair or faces other mobility issues, accessibility becomes an even greater challenge. Modern … Read more

lighting suggestions for aging in place

Lighting Product Suggestions for Aging in Place

As we age, it’s natural for our eyes to begin to change. Those natural changes, however, affect everyone differently. Some older adults may not be able to make out small details like they once could, while others may develop an increased sensitivity to glare. The simple addition of lamps and light fixtures can help reduce … Read more

faucets for aging in place

Kitchen and Bathroom Faucet Recommendations for Aging in Place

When approaching an aging-in-place remodel, it’s important that all homeowners take a look at their environment and identify potential obstacles that could impact their daily life. One of those obstacles may be the type of faucets and sinks around the home. Kitchen and bathroom faucets provide a unique challenge for aging adults. Limited dexterity, worsening … Read more

age in place style

How to Age in Place Without Losing Your Style

When beginning the transition to age in place, just about all of my clients ask me if their home is going to look clinical or institutional after the renovations are done. The answer is “no” – no one aging in place should have to sacrifice design and aesthetics for function and safety. Finding stylish aging-in-place … Read more

6 Ways to Incorporate Smart Technology into Your AIP Renovation

While America may be graying, our society is changing by the minute. Technological advancements have impacted almost every aspect of our lives, and it’s safe to say this trend will continue. Smart technology has been a huge asset for aging-in-place design. Today, a wide range of assistive devices are available to help retirement-age adults stay … Read more

Aging in place

The Basic Information You Need to Know About Aging in Place

Aging in Place – Frequently Asked Questions  What is AIP? Aging in Place, commonly shortened to AIP, is when a person makes the conscious decision to stay in their home as they age. In order to do so, they may incorporate home modifications to improve their living conditions and maintain a good quality of life. … Read more

9 Priorities to Consider for the Aging in Place Home

Creating an environment that’s both aesthetically pleasing and functional for your aging-in-place home may seem like a huge undertaking. Most people have a misconception that aging in place means creating a sterile environment that feels more like a medical facility than a home. I can tell you that not only is this not true, but … Read more

9 Safety Considerations for the Aging in Place Home

Whether you’re entering retirement or experiencing it, remodeling your home has probably been on your mind for a while. Now, it’s finally time to implement all the ideas you’ve had during your working years and make your dreams a reality in your golden ones. As you start to plan, focus on creating a home that … Read more

Aging in Place Design

5 Types of Aging in Place Design

The Five Types of AIP Design and How They Impact Aging Adults You’re ready to begin your aging in place project, but the design options seem infinite. You know there are some basic features, but the design must be right for you, your friends, and your family. Choosing the right design is key to having … Read more

Contractor Estimate

What to Expect from Your AIP Contractor Estimate

What You Can Expect from Your Aging in Place Contractor Estimate Thinking about remodeling your home for aging in place? If so, you’ll need to understand the importance of an accurate contractor estimate. This means becoming familiar with the terminology contractors use and ensuring the estimate includes every detail of the scope of work you … Read more

Aging in Place Without Losing Your Style

5 Issues With Adapting Your Kitchen For Aging In Place

The kitchen is typically one of the rooms in which you spend large amounts of time, whether it be creating a meal for one, or inviting family and friends to join you. When adapting a kitchen for aging in place, it’s important for the kitchen to retain that significance, so that you may keep alive … Read more

Lighting for aging in place

Adapting Your Home Lighting for Aging in Place

Adapting Your Home Lighting for Aging in Place Those of us who are of retirement age, may not realize it at first, but one of the most important aspects to a home renovation is lighting. The eyes of a 30-year-old and the eyes of a 60-year-old see the world very differently, both metaphorically and literally. … Read more

flooring options for aging in place

Best Flooring Options for Aging in Place

FLOORING ISSUES TO CONSIDER WHEN AGING IN PLACE When the time comes to plan the remodeling of your home in anticipation of retirement and beyond, the choice of flooring options should be at the very top of your list. Choosing a flooring material doesn’t need to be intimidating or complicated. It also doesn’t need to … Read more